May 22

Thanks for your votes – Contract Ratified!!

The Bargaining committee met to count votes May 23, 2019 Members voted yes with  89% of the vote!

There were some minor changes to the contract – for pay the agreement is 0% increase to the pay grades – but 1% for 2017 2018, and 2019 within the pay grade.  Negations for increases to the pay grades for 2019 to begin by Sept 30 2019. The new collective agreement is being created and will be updated soon!

Retroactive pay for current team members will be processed within 60 days of ratification.

NOTE: people that left the union after March 2017  must request their retro pay – please  email peopleops@atb.com. Include Full name, E # and last day worked… also advise them if the account you used for payroll is still accurate.

More details are available on the ATB intranet, and will also be available through www.AUPE.org

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