Did You Know?

Your Union does all this?

    1. Negotiates Your Agreement – establishing working conditions, wages and benefits
    2. Protects Your Rights – through grievances and arbitration procedures and joint consultation committees
    3. Regulates Health & Safety – monitors worksites and investigates problems
    4. Provides Education –on union matters and other areas of interest to members
    5. Communicates Regularly – through Direct Impact and other publications
    6. Provides Emergence Financial Help – through members benefits
    7. Assists With Negotiated Benefit Issues –such as life insurance, long term disability, health and benefit plans and pensions
    8. Plans Social Activities in Area Councils – dances, curling bonspiels, barbecues and sports tournaments
    9. Local 20 sponsors 18 scholarships for $1,000.00 and one scholarship for $2,000.00

For more details, go to: www.AUPE.org or call toll free 1-800-232-728
Where there is respect in the workplace; safe working conditions; a decent income; the ability to retire with dignity; basic levels of social justice; strong public services and an opportunity for the next generation to have a good job. Where there are corporations that have enormous power and strive to gain a dollar for everything that they do, society needs counterbalance. The most effective balance is the power of the people, acting together. The essence of the labour movement is making a positive difference to your future.

WITHOUT UNIONS there would be:
NO seniority
NO paid vacations
NO job security
NO paid leave of absence
NO representation
NO jury duty pay
NO grievance procedure
NO bereavement pay
NO promotional opportunities
NO life insurance benefits
NO job classifications
NO sickness and accident benefits
NO health & safety program
NO long term disability benefits
NO protective equipment
NO Medicare protection
NO preference of shift work
NO supplemental unemployment benefits
NO pension plan
NO relief periods
NO short work week benefits
NO work standards
NO severance pay
NO guaranteed wage increases
NO early retirement
NO cost of living increases
NO prescription drugs
NO overtime pay for over 8 hours
NO dental program
NO time and a half
NO double time
NO health & safety
NO shift premiums
NO paid holidays
NO call in pay
NO employee assistance program
NO EI benefits
NO universal health care

Your Union’s Social/Societal Objectives:
Your union is working on many political levels on your behalf:

  • Lobbying to improve your labour laws
  • Advocating of occupational health & safety
  • Safeguarding your pension plan
  • Advocating for universal child care
  • Lobbying to prevent contracting out and privatization of jobs
  • Lobbying for pay equity legislation
  • Training and education for member on many levels
  • Providing an awareness program for the general public to showcase union jobs
  • Providing help for members who are in need
  • Helping members work through the WCB jungle to ensure each member’s needs is met.
  • Safeguarding human rights
  • Negotiating group discounts for many services


If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact your Local 20 executive for more information as to how. We would be looking forward to be hearing from the membership